Thursday, November 22, 2012

Struggling with Gratitude on a Spiritual Path

Thanksgiving 2012

My Spiritual path is My life.
It is what defines me.
It is My work,
It is My daily life.

Gratitude has always been an important aspect of My Path.
Of Me.
Now I find Myself struggling,
Trying to to remember all that which I am grateful for,
Rather than what I have lost.

I live on the Jersey Shore.
I love My home.
I love the smell of the sea air.
I love to walk along the sand,
Listen to the surf, feel the salt water on My face.
Our home was safe.
I am grateful.
But many friends have lost everything they have struggled for.
The shore will never be the same.
The familiar landmarks I pass by daily,
are gone now.

On the heels of this,
I lost My best friend, companion & family member.
Frankie, My love is what I called him.
The grief that I feel is overwhelming at times.
Anger over takes Me.
I can not find it within Myself to do those daily devotionals.
I rage at Spirit.
I ask My Lady, "why?"
In those moments I hate the world.
Somewhere, within this pain -
I know I am grateful.

I am grateful I have had the best friend, I could ask for.
I am grateful for the years He Blessed My life.

Many things are different now.
They will never be as they were.
Perhaps with time and the acceptance of change
I will be thankful for this moment.
Perhaps I will find the strength to rise above -
The anger
The grief
The hurt
Perhaps I will rise above and be true to My Spiritual calling.
Perhaps this struggle with gratitude will lead me where I need to be.

May You know your Blessings...
May Frankie, wherever He is know I love him
May all those who are struggling with gratitude, find their strength


  1. Loss is a terrible experience. Wishing you comfort and heart's ease in time.

  2. My heartfelt sympathies to you for the loss of your special friend, Frankie. He was very handsome and looks so wise. I share your struggle with gratitude today - our beautiful Shama, is dying from lymphoma. She's only 6. We feel she has been cheated and us too. Why must the most joyful and loving be taken from us? I try to remember how lucky we are to be blessed with them in the first place, and what they have taught us. Know you aren't alone in your struggle. Peace and hugs, Lisa

  3. I am so sorry for your loss! There is little that can be said for the unconditional love we share with the little ones!

  4. Im so sorry for your loss, I know how it feels to lose a special friend.

    you have my deepest sympathy

  5. Thank You all,
    Debra, You kind words do not go unoticed... Thank You for your friendship.
    He really was a handsome cat but He had a degenerative eye disease, giving him that "bulging" eye. I am scanning some other pics which I want to post for myself. I am sorry to hear about Shama - Is She being given prednisone? I understand completely & will send prayers Her way...
    Thank You Greekwitch & Steinworks...