Thursday, April 5, 2012

Full Moon Magick - Clarity

The Full Moon is a time a manifestation.
The culmination of a cycle of bringing, growing.
This culmination sheds light & brings clarity.
During the Full Moon,We can seek answers.
Lady Moon illuminates the path,
If We ask for Her guidance.

Divination, Meditation
Answers come in many forms.
There are Teas, Incense, to Help.
There are Lunar Herbs to help bring clarity.

Dress a White candle with any of the following oils:
Camphor which purifies & cleanses, also aids in divination.
Lemon Grass brings clarity of thought, as does Clary Sage.
Ask for guidance and ALWAYS Thank Spirit.
Leave a small token of gratitude.

Lady Moon,
Shinning Bright
Illuminate My Path this night,
The truth before My eyes
to see,
Show the way that's best for me.


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