Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day Meditation

I woke up this May Morning & headed outside.
Washing My face in the morning dew or more likely

I spent a little while in My garden meditating.
Asking Spirit, What is the message for Beltaine/Samhain?
Is there a commonality? A shared message between these

Nature's balance. Changes & transitions.
Beltaine, The celebration of Summer.
The growth begun in the Spring reaches fruition,
preparing us for the harvest.
The fruits of of labor which sustains us through the Winter.

Samhain, The coming of the dark half of the year.
The earth rests. Storing Her nutrients deep within.
Providing sustenance to the seeds lying dormant,
through the cold dark season.
Nature exists in balance.
Man has a way of upsetting that balance.
But nature will eventually win out.
Life is like that.
We can resist the changes, transitions that come our way.
But in the end, change is inevitable.
It is the balance of life.

Go gracefully into this cycle of change.
May Your path be Blessed,
May your transitions flow easily!

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