Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wicked Wednesday GIVE AWAY!!!

It's time for another Wicked Wednesday GIVE AWAY!

The first Giveaway comes from Mysticwynd shop : A Rune Necklace

According to the artist Karen Grosser:
The charm is a silver plated pewter Nordic rune symbol,

“Wunjo” – associated with the balance required before one can experience true happiness.
 I’ve added several small gemstones that are often associated with
 balancing energies: garnet for success;
 citrine for clarity of thought;
 rhodochrosite for sweeping away emotional clutter;
 turquoise for wholeness; lapis lazuli for self knowledge;
 blue chalcedony for achieving calmness;
 and amethyst for wisdom and protection.
 The necklace is an adjustable knotted black satin cord.
This Piece is OOAK.

In order to enter you must  -
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like Mysticwynd on FB
It's a lovely piece.. Good luck!

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