Monday, October 8, 2012

October Magick - Sesame Seed

"Open Sesame"
When I was young, I remember sitting in the living room
watching Ali Baba & the forty thieves.
I would run around saying "Open Says Me"..
It would be years later when I learned the phrase was
"Open Sesame".

Sesame seed
In magick, it has been utilized since Biblical times.
Used in Egyptian Magick
The seeds represent prosperity & abundance
Sesame seeds are a traditional offering for the Hindu Deity Ganesha.

Whenever I think of Sesame Seeds,
I'm transported back to the land of magic carpets
To that little girl running around, believing  in magic
calling out "Open Says Me"
Sesame seed opens paths, draws opportunities toward us.
Yes, perhaps that little girl was right -
When using the energy of Sesame Seeds,
We should shout out , Open says Me!

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  1. Ohh! That was such a sweet story! I like your version better. Much more empowering! Open says me!!!

  2. Love your story and didn't know that about sesame seeds, which I think are delicious!

  3. Now I'm hungry for a nice little piece of halvah.

  4. Hello Ladies!
    Thank You..Yes, Years later I thought , How silly to think it was Open says me until I realized That's how it should be!!
    Debra, I love halvah!!!! Especially chocolate covered...
    Blessings to All!