Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daughter of The Goddess

I am a Psychic or an intuitive reader.
I often work with Tarot and other tools but
am just as comfortable doing a "cold" read -
In other words just receiving the message.

In My personal devotions and service to The Goddess,
I am Her Seer.
I generally do NOT use that term publicly.
It has connotations of ego and plain old craziness.
However, That is My path.

Because My gift brings recognition of HER.
When I receive these messages & relay them
to a client or to the public; when these messages
or predictions "become" it is a confirmation of Spirit.
Of the Goddess, The Sacred feminine.
Perhaps, long forgotten, hidden away in many cultures,

The other day a client came for a reading.
Now sometimes the message may seem strange,
a bit daft - But if it persists I deliver it exactly as I receive it.
As My client sat down, I heard "Penguins"
Ok, That's an odd one - I'll pass.
Penguins persisted. I finally had to tell Her.
I'm hearing the word penguin.
She laughed. Being a regular She is used to My readings.
However, this was odd.
She thought about it a bit. We both did.
What could it mean? Was there someone who loved penguins,
perhaps a collection of stuffed animals?
A sports team? Nothing.
Then She remembered a childhood friend.
She hadn't seen Her in over a dozen years.
We both laughed it off & went on with the reading.

The following day
She messaged me. "Do You have a few minutes?"
Well, on Her way home She decided to stop at a Seven Eleven.
She never goes to this particular store, but suddenly She needed to
stop there.
There in that Seven Eleven was Her friend. The childhood friend
who loved Penguins.
The message now made itself very clear.

My "gift" comes from The Goddess.
I AM Her voice.
I am not the only one.
I AM a Daughter of The Great Mother
My path is to honor Her
To share HER words.
The Sacred Feminine exists.
You may know Her as Mary, The Blessed Mother.
You may know Her as Isis or perhaps Tara,
Oshun or Hecate.

It is time for recognition of The Sacred Feminine.
She is waiting for us to remember.
There was a time when We celebrated Her.
The time has come to honor The Great Mother again.

May You Be Blessed.
May the wisdom of the divine feminine guide your path.

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