Thursday, October 6, 2011


Unpacking My Work bag tonight,
I came across a delightful surprise -
2 beautiful pieces of Pyrite were tucked away.
I had forgotten about this purchase.
The Pyrite were lovely rounds the shop owner

had brought back from a gem show.

One, completely round with small hidden
crevices, sparkling as if dusted by fairies,

The other a delightful little gem,
reminded me of a small geode.
The top missing, but hidden within
cubes of Pyrite glistening.
It was my favorite piece.
I brought My treasures to my partner.

Here, one is for You.
"What is It?" Pyrite.
"Isn't that Fools gold?" Yes.
"Why would I want that?, I wouldn't use it
to bring anything - it's not the Real thing"
I thought they were nice,

You don't have to use it, but Okay.
I walked away.
He called Me back.
"I'll take it, Thank You".
He reached in & took My favorite.
As He walked away, He said -
"I left You the nice one, this one is broken!"
Broken? It's so pretty..
We both laughed & He took the other piece.

Much of magick is based upon it.
In some traditions,
Those pieces of Pyrite represent wealth,

One Practitioner may use Pyrite to attract abundance,
While another may use to represent false hopes...
It's all a matter of perception.

Same holds true for Spirit.
Each of us sees Spirit in a way
We understand.

And in this understanding,
We can connect with Spirit.

I Know Her.
The Great Mother.
The Goddess.
For another Spirit may be seen as Buddha,
Maybe Mary or Jesus.
Kwan Yin.
It all comes down to Perception.
Perhaps the secret to peace comes in
The Compassion of perception.

May We understand the magick of Perception

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  1. Great post!! I often have to remind myself of the same thing. You know what they say: ask 10 witches the same question and you'll get 11 different responses! Lol.