Sunday, October 23, 2011

Season of The Witch, Season of Change

Last week I spent some time back home
visiting with my mother.
I am settled in my new home now.
I have my routines, life has fallen into
new patterns. At some point during the visit
Mom asked Her question & I was reminded of
that no matter where I am, no matter how things
move foward,
I shall always miss "home"
So I am reposting,
For Myself & for others facing changes this season

Yesterday My Mom called.
After chatting a bit, Mom asked
"So are you putting up your altar?"
"Yes" I assured Her.
"What about Grandma's picture,it's here you know".
She proceeded to remind me of an
Uncle, a few cousins,
all of whom should be placed on the altar.
Not typical conversationfor the average family.

Mom's concerns come from my relocation.
This year I am unable to make
the commute home for Halloween/Samhain.
It will be difficult for both Mom & Myself.
Like any other family,
We gather together & celebrate.
We honor the seasons,
We honor ancestors,
We honor The Goddess.
We have our rituals, our meals & our magick.
This year there will be new ritual,
New faces at my table.
New friends sharing in the celebration.

My altar will reflect these changes.
While I am saddened by this change,
I acknowledge this is a season of change.
The wise know that change is inevitable.
My Lady will guide me through the changes.
The Season of the Witch is not always gentle.
The Season of the Witch,
Is one of faith,
for we stand at the crossroads
knowing we must not look back
The Season of the Witch
Is a time of Hope & Dreams
We give ourselves over to The Goddess,
And in so doing
We open the path to creation
Without faith we will never learn to manifest our dreams
May you let go & let Goddess guide you


  1. May the Season bring you hope,love and much laughter..

  2. Yes, the Season is upon us. Blessings of the Thin Veil to you!

  3. It is sad when you have to change a tradition due to circumstance. But it is joyous to get to start a new one with friends! Many blessing to you.

  4. Thank You All so much!
    It's been busy, busy & I haven't gotten to post or visit much..
    Hopefully I will make more time for just that!
    Callie, Debra - It is soo good to see you!
    Sandi, A pleasure to have you here...
    Blessings to All!