Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I AM a Witch
I am not a lightworker
Nor am Rainbow warrior
My energies have been around long before
There were Indigo Children
I respect Your path

But I do not abide by it

I am a Witch
My energies are neither Black
Nor White
I am the Fury of the Thunder
The gentleness of a Summer Breeze
I am the calm Waters on a glass like Sea
I am the roaring Waves in the heart of the storm
I learn My magick from Nature

I do not harm intentionally But
I do protect with the fierceness of a Lioness
I do not moan, cry or complain about
That which I do not have
I manifest that which I desire
For I AM a Witch

I AmYour Daughter


  1. That was amazing! It felt like those words could be mine.

  2. Greekwitch,
    Yes, Those words belong to ALL My Sisters.
    It is time We no longer make "apologies" ,
    We are The Daughters of The Great Mother..