Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Removing, Reversing, Unblocking

The Waning Moon is here &
You want to get "rid off" something.
Perhaps you have a very large debt &
You can't make headway..
Maybe there's a co worker making life at the job

Is there an exam you need to pass,
but seem unable?
A move up the corporate ladder,
but something always gets in the way.
These are blocks..

You're having a bad run of luck.
There's a lot of arguing or jealousy.
That creates negativity.
These things need to be reversed.

What am I getting at here?
Removing, Reversing, Unblocking.
There is much confusion on this subject.

Some time ago,
I put some unblocking candles in My Etsy shop..
The immediate response - "You know the correct way
to make these candles"..
I still hear it today when I make an unblocking or
Road Opening Candle.
But this is NOT about tooting My own horn.
This is explaining a difference that many don't understand.

Unblocking Candles
Should be black on the top.
The bottom half could be a color representing
the purpose - Red, to unblock matters of the heart;
Green for financial matters.

Abre Camino, Or Road Opener candles are Black & Red.
The colors of an Abre Camino candle represent Elegua or Lucero,
Opener of roads.
In the traditions of Santeria & Palo
Elegua or Lucero is called on for assistance in opening the path,
Getting things moving.

Now We come to reversing candles..
This is where the confusion sets in.
Reversing candles.
In the traditional afro/cuban fashion
These candles are Red on top (or green) and Black on the bottom.
The problem is people making the candles don't always
understand the "Whys".
People using the candles often don't understand the "Hows".
The purpose of a "reversing" candle IS to reverse or change
what has been done..
So here comes the "Secret" most people don't understand.
We reverse the candle.
That's right.
We flip it over, cut it so the wick is exposed & burn it.
Even the ones in glass jars..

May you use the Magick of the Waning/Dark Moon Wisely,
May Your path be clear,
Your Road, Open.