Friday, July 15, 2011

The Magick of The Moon

I'm asked the following quite often...
How many days does the Full Moon last?
How many days after the Full Moon
Can I still "Bring"?
There are many variations on the question,

But the point is always the same.

Witchcraft or "The Craft of the Wise"
Is a nature based tradition.

We follow the cycles of nature.
We learn from it.
We learn from Her.
Now there is an adage in magick,

When working with the Moon -
3 days before, 3 days after.
Is this correct?
When the Moon is New, yes.
It continues to become visible to the eye.
We work the magick of bringing.
The magick of making Our dreams, desires,
goals, visible.

This culminates with the Full moon.
The energy of the Moon is at it's peak.
Once the moon is "Full",
It begins a decline in visibility.
It may appear to the human eye
As full, But it IS on the wane.
The Earth does not stand still,
Nature does not stop,
Nor does it put everything on hold for 3 days.
Because We don't "see' the shift does not
mean it is not occurring.
3 days before / 3 days after?
When it comes to the Full Moon,
All bets are off.
The answer to this question lies
In the difference between believing & knowing.
That is a truth of The Craft of the Wise...

May you come to know for yourself.


  1. Thanks for posting this! Next time I will put the Full Moon in my calendar lol, missed it this time. If I wanted to release things during the full moon but didn't, can I still use the waning moon to drive them out of my life? =)

    I have heard that the waning moon can be used to make things smaller (like my ego), and the waxing moon can make things bigger (like my good luck and abundance) ...

    Where can I learn more about the Moon?


  2. Hi Geena,
    Thank You for visiting.
    I don't know what you want to "release" during the Full Moon but the energy of the Full moon is not exactly for releasing...
    There are many sites on the web & there are books where you can find info.. Just be wary of the rule of "3" and remember that practioners of the Craft or Magick do view energy a bit differently than perhaps those who work as healers..
    Good luck on your path!