Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sagittarius, The Full Moon & The Magick of Belief

Tuesday, The Full moon arrives in Sagittarius.
The Archer, arrow aimed at the stars;
Teaches us to aspire, to believe.
So today I posted some quotes about 'belief".

More directly, belief in self.
I asked, "Do you believe in yourself?"
The response surprised me.
"No", "Not really"...
I had not expected that.

I thought about the responses a bit
& then it came to me!

Sagittarius, believed to represent Chiron.
Chiron, The wounded healer.It made perfect sense.
Within each of us are those
things we must overcome.

Each one of us carries a doubt, a wound.
Each of us has something to aspire to,
No one comes into this life "perfected".

When we overcome,
We achieve.
We learn the lesson of belief.
We can help others through example.
We can be a light, a guide.
Within each of us
We can find Chiron, the wounded healer.

This Full moon
Use the magick of Sagittarius

To shoot your arrows towards your dreams & aspirations.
May you learn the magick of belief - In self

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  1. WOW! This is so fitting after this past weekend. My friends and I did a shaman/Ascension retreat and my spirit guide's words to me were; Believe in yourself!