Monday, May 2, 2011

When a client comes for a reading
One of the first things I tell them is
"Nothing is set in stone"
If you don't like where you are heading
Than make the necessary changes on your path.
We have the power to change things.

Or do we?
Often when I'm reading for a client,
specific future events come up.
For instance -
One woman who was unemployed came to see
me & I had a very detailed visual of a place I
thought she may be interviewed for a position.
I gave her initials.
Two weeks later She returned.
She had gotten a job.
What She wanted me to know was,
"When I arrived at the place it was exactly as you
told me". "You give me snapshots".

Here then is the question,
Are Our paths predestined?
Are some things predetermined?
Spirit provides Myself & others like me
A look ahead.
Which of these events are the result of our actions &
Which are predetermined, fate perhaps?

Is this The Great Mothers way of letting us know
SHE is here?
Is She providing both messages of hope & warning?
Will people understand before it is too late?
She calls to us,
She asks us to believe,
To listen,
To know.
Are you ready to know?

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