Sunday, May 1, 2011


May Day Blessings!
Beltain for the Ancients was a celebration of summer.
Summer nears & many of us will head towards the beaches.
So, We come to Our giveaway.

Irmina has completed Yemeya.
How does one enter?
First, You must be a fan of both My blog &
Now as you can see
Irmina has put an amazing amount of work into this piece,
So we can't make it that simple can we?

Time for a little show & tell...
How do You honor Our waters?
Do you have a prayer?
Have you created a poem? A piece of art?
Do you have a special altar?
Do you take part in a beach cleanup?
Show us!!
Tell us!!
Send it to
The Giveaway will end May 21st

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