Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Magick of the Eclipse

So what exactly is a solar eclipse?
An eclipse occurs when the Moon passes
between the Sun & the Earth.A little interference, so to speak!

The Sun is still there but no longer
visible to the human eye.
It is "blocked"

What does that mean in magickal terms?
What it doesn't mean,

It is NOT a bad omen.
It is part of the natural cycle.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
For some, it represents a balance
between the Dark & the light..But is the moon really Dark?
Doesn't Lady Moon illuminate the night sky?

Doesn't the Moon illuminate us, with Her wisdom?
Now the Sun is Magick itself.

Many practitioners work with the Sun's energy,
In a manner similar to the Moon.

In simple terms,The Sunrise equals beginnings...
The Sunset is when we remove obstacles.

In the Eastern US, this eclipse occurs at 5:02 PM -
The time of late afternoon Sun.

Waning energies..
The Sun is in Gemini.

The New Moon is always in the sign of the Sun...
So the eclipse occurs during Gemini's influence.

Use it to you best advantage.
How exactly? You could use the magick of the waning Sun &
That of the eclipse to remove obstacles in the area of communication.
Gemini also rules the intellect -

Why not use this time to Go within,
To Meditate

Take a good look at those things that block or
inhibit your goals..

Have goals or plans for the New Moon?
Use the magick of this
eclipse to recognize
any obstacles or blocks & get around them

May you find a way around your obstacles,
May you shine like the Sun

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