Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last Night, The Full Moon brought a message.
Do I post it, or not?
Does it make sense?
Am I to question it or to simply "deliver"?
The lesson Has been "belief",
And so I shall post.
Take from it what you will.

For the word of the Great Mother.
For She is here.

Ask Not,
Am I righteous?
But ask,
Am I worthy?

Tens of days shall come
And it shall pass
Upon horses
They shall ride
And do battle
Their voices shall ring out
And when it is done
The old ways shall no longer be
But the Old shall be new.

And a Great battle shall come,
And rise upon the sea.

They shall come
Across Great Lands
Daughter of Egypt
Of Africa
Daughters of ancient lands

For They shall know Her name
They shall know Her ways
And a Great peace shall rise up &
Return to the land

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