Friday, September 9, 2011

Season of Change

It's all around.
The wheel of the year moves
towards the equinox

Suddenly everyone is speaking of change.
You can smell it in the Air.
You can feel the change in the weather.
You can see it in the night sky.
You can even hear it if you listen
to the sounds of nature.
Suddenly everyone is aware of the shift.
But the truth is,
It's been happening all along.

The days become shorter
minutes at a time.

We never notice,
Until we "wake up" and realize
it's no longer light at 8PM.
It's like that in Our lives.

Most changes are gradual.
We don't take notice until -
The relationship is ending,

Or the Job.
There are the sudden shifts.

Sometimes devastating.
The others,
We had forewarning,
We just didn't choose to see.

Life, like nature;
Gives us signs.
It's up to us to see them.
It's up to us to embrace them.
It's like a pond of water,
in the middle of summer.
If the Water doesn't flow,
If Rain doesn't come,
It becomes stagnant.
Sometimes We need that rain,
To get things moving again.
Open Your eyes to the changes all around.

Embrace them.
Learn from Mother earth.

May the magick of change wash over you.

May it cleanse & refresh.


  1. visiting via Mrs B's Enjoying my visit to your blog today

  2. Hello Tribal Horse!
    I haven't been here in a wee bit..
    Hopefully I'll make a bit more time to post & to visit..
    Thank You for visiting.. Big Thank You to Mrs. B - I have to scoot over to her & say Gracias!!