Friday, September 23, 2011

Blessings of The Equinox

Today The Wheel of The Year marks
A change of Seasons.
The Equinox.
A time of Perfect Balance.
For a short while,
Everything is in balance.

Use this time wisely.
Look within areas in One's life
Where balance is needed.
For those entering The Fall,
The coming of The Dark Mother
Heralds us to prepare for the barren times.
To celebrate the Harvest -
To Reap the rewards of our work, but
To remain mindful that everything has a cycle.
For Those entering The Spring,
Their Work begins..
A time for planting the seeds of One's dreams.
To nurture & tend them.
For the energy We provide now,
Will be Harvest of the turning wheel.

Where ever You are on this Great Earth,
There is Great Magick in the Air.
May You celebrate Her,
May You understand the Greatness of
Mother Earth beneath Your very feet.
Spend some time with Her today &
Be thankful.
May You always Be Blessed.