Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Full Moon in Pisces & The lesson of Compassion

As We travel the Astrological Wheel,
We see the traits of each sign.
These traits carry with them lessons.
Some We may remember on a Soul level.
Some We need to learn.
Each sign carries traits we aspire to &

Those less then desirable ones,
We seek to overcome.

Pisces like all the others,
Has it's share of both.
Pisces - The Dreamer of the zodiac
Two fish swimming in opposite directions.
You could say Pisces tends towards indecision.
You could also say that Pisces

is one of the more adaptable of the signs.
You could say that Pisces
can be a bit of a "cold" fish -
Yet one of the Great gifts Pisces has to share
Is the gift of compassion.
We can all use compassion,
Especially these days.

Tonight, Light a candle & send
A little compassion out into the World.
For if just 1 candle or prayer is sent out
In the night sky,
Imagine the Power of hundreds.
Tonight, Raise Your candles high
Send Your prayer of compassion,
Perhaps someday soon, we shall know peace.

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