Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Crystals - Between a rock & a hard place

I love Crystals, Gemstones.
Anyone that knows me, knows
I have a bit of an obsession
for them.
If You read through My blog,
You'll find pictures & posts about some of My favorites.

In My early years at Etsy
I sold them - not individually because that's
against Etsy rules unless You are a supplier
(Most people don't bother with the "rules" these days)
But in Mojo Bags, or rather Intention Bags.
I decided to name them Intention Bags because
they weren't True Mojo Bags (I'm a bit of a stickler
for traditions) 
I taught workshops on creating pouches
utilizing the energies of crystals & herbs.

You'll find Crystals throughout My home.
A very large Quartz specimen I convinced the
Owner of Sacred Circle to sell to me,
graces My Reading room.

All well & good
Until a few nights ago.
The night of the New Moon to be exact.
I was sitting by My altar in prayer
holding in My hands a very special piece of quartz.
Then I heard the message,
"It is wrong.  The buying & selling of these crystals.
Mother Earth is being ravaged. Always taking, never
returning is the way of the people.  Take what is offered
freely, like the shell that washes upon the shore.  Piece by
piece the core of  The Great Mother is chipped away.
Someday, there shall be nothing. Nothing but destruction
for the children."

I wasn't quite sure where this message was coming from.
I'm still not. I do know it didn't feel good.
Which brings me to the next part -
"How do You think this will heal the people,
when it does nothing but harm Mother earth?
The power to heal has been long forgotten.
Do not rape the Great Mother for no good shall come"

I wasn't feeling very good about this "message".
I wasn't feeling very good about Myself.
I'm not quite sure where I stand.
I love My crystals.
I can't see giving them up.
Of course, If Spirit asks me to I would.
For now, I won't be purchasing any crystals.
I will listen for the guidance of My Lady.
Perhaps this is a "test"
More likely, it is truth I may not want to see;
If I am to serve The Great Mother Goddess,
I most own these truths.


  1. Agreed. I wrote about this recently too, as you know. I hate it, but I believe it to be so.

  2. Thank You Christiana, Yes I remember!
    The energy is pretty much the same, I'm
    sure there are others feeling this as well.
    For now I must respect that message..