Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Predictions / Messages from Spirit

2014 PredictionsI hate the word "Predictions" because I don't
"Predict".  I just deliver the message I hear.
Maybe "Fore show" is better. It seems to imply
a bit more "Divine" Guidance.
Sometimes the messages are simple & to the point.
More often, They are presented almost as a riddle.
I am going to share them as I heard them -

"The People's Republic shall Rise (March?)
Against the Great Sea Monster. Tripoli shall fall."

"The Pope shall be a player in the
Downfall of the Great."

"A once Great Leader shall be
Shown His truth."

"Major Oceanic discovery"

"Extreme Weather East of The Mississippi."

Hot spots in the World will include :
Saudi Arabia - Specifically seeing a mountain
region.  I never thought of mountains in the desert.
Geography is not My specialty. I think it's a range
to the North.  May not be political. 
orth Korea - No Surprise. "Execution of Nationalists" ?

Gold will skyrocket... Then Fall. Quickly.

"The Donkey Wins" - I have NO clue...

"Political figure suffers mental breakdown."

"The U.S. falls farther into the abyss"

"Issue with food chain. Sanitation

"Retail stores fail."

The last message, I'm not quite sure if I got exactly,
but I'm going to post what I heard -
"Attempted  Assassination African/Arab continent,
United Arab Emeritus?"


  1. Isn't the donkey the logo for the Democratic party?

    1. Hi Pura,
      Yes it is... I'm not sure if there are any
      elections in 2014? Maybe it's a bill or something?

  2. 2014 is a huge election year in the US. All House seats are up, a third of the Senate and a few governors. Interesting!

  3. Thank You Christiana,
    I would not have thought.. I guess You can see how
    up on politics I am ..Now it makes sense.

  4. Wow..the US farther in the abyss?.....What is the best country to live in at this point?