Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 A Time of Many Changes

I'm posting a message I heard a few nights ago.
Strangely enough as I'm reading
the half scribbled message,
I see the word "foreshadowed" -
which I just happened to
use in My post regarding New Years Predictions! 
I'm going to take that as a sign .

"A time of changes has come.
Many falsehoods will come to the light.
Many will not accept the
Truths about themselves.

And Those that are Right &
Just & Good
Need No accolades
For it (They) are known

The prophets shall be separated

And the false shall be fereted
& seek forgiveness (for naught)

A plague shall set across
Many Lands
The brethen

The true healers shall be called upon
for they shall be given
A rightful place (in the kingdom)

The Seer whose eyes see all
Shall warn of the comings
But none shall listen
Turn a deaf ear
To all that is foreshadowed

And in the ruble & ash
Shall rise
The ones chosen

Do You not kneel before me
And ask forgiveness?

For I am 1 god
Whose faces are many
I am the One
Who birthed you"

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