Friday, December 27, 2013

Etiquette for a Psychic Reading

We often speak about 'Ethics" in the Psychic Community.
How a Reader or Psychic should conduct themselves,
How to treat clients responsibly & respectfully.
What we don't talk about is "How" the client
should conduct themselves.
Not quite the same as the Code of Ethics
a Reader should have,
But just as important to speak of. 

Etiquette for a Reading:

Keep Your Appointment.
Yes, Sometimes there are life's little emergencies.
We know.  We get it.
We also know an appointment
with a Psychic Reader is not taken as seriously as say,
A Dental appointment.
We may NOT be Dentists or Doctors,
But we strive to maintain a professional demeanor
& should be treated as such.

Be on time.
A few minutes late or early, no biggie.
Showing up 30 Minutes late &
expecting to keep Your appointment?
Not only is it unfair to Us,
but it's unfair to other scheduled appointments.

Don't "Test" Us.  Don't "Lie".
First, it's very rude to test Our skills.
I can't speak for other Readers,
but I know when someone is testing me.
Guess what? I get annoyed.  Changes the energy.
I'll still give You what You came for,
but if I'm angry or annoyed -
You may not get as much as You could have received
from Your Reading. 
Same goes for lying
except that most of the time, I know.
I may not call You out on it, but You're wasting not only
My time; You're wasting your own!

Don't tell Me what another Reader told you.
We don't care.  It has absolutely nothing to do with
what You came for - A Reading with Me.

Don't Tell Me Everything & Don't Tell Me Nothing!
If You volunteer everything,
You really won't know if I'm legit.
If You sit there stone faced & don't respond ,
I have no idea if I'm picking up the right energy.
If You wait until the very end to say, "You were right on" -
Trust me, I'd rather not hear it.
Make things simple &  just say,
"Yes, I have a Sister that lives in Houston" when I ask.

When the reading is over, it's over.
While I'm not exactly a clock watcher, You've paid
for a specific amount of time.  If it goes over a little,
No big deal. Please don't continue with "Just one
more question".  I have a schedule & other clients.
If you've paid for 30 Minutes, Don't expect an hour.

Tip the Reader.
I work for Myself, so it's different but I remember
Working in Shops & psychic fairs...
The Reader only gets a percentage.
Generally a shop takes 30 % of what You pay.
So depending on how much You pay for the Reading,
it's nice to tip.
Unless of course the Reading sucked (Did I just say that???)

May you have a wonderful experience with a Reading!


  1. Very good. I agree with everything you stated here. I especially liked the point "Don't tell me everything & don't tell me nothing." I specially find it difficult to deal with clients who expect you to intuit every single detail, which is actually an inefficient waste of the time they paid for.

  2. Haha! I think i will print that post and put it on my front door!

  3. Thank You both!
    I think I would have liked to see this posted at
    some of the shops I worked in, great idea!