Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot

The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot- Artist Lorelei Douglas
is My latest Tarot purchase & I love it.
Deck Love at first sight.

The Basics:
The Deck follows in the RWS tradition with a few
minor changes.
Rather than 78 cards there are 82.
The additional 4 are "Veto" cards ,

1 for each of the suits.
Some of the more traditional names
have been changed, but are easily identifiable -
Just look at The Patriarch : 

Yul Brenner, The King & I   

What better card to portray the Emperor? 
Ok, some younger folks may not be familiar
with the movie (Is that possible?) but the idea
should be clear. 
There's also the LWB - Ok, Not a book,
More like a pamphlet which is easily downloaded.
Lorelei Douglas offers several different configurations,
It can be folded & stored in the box.

The Box, there I have a complaint.
Visually, it's beautiful. 

However,  it's not sturdy. The box
is oversized, perhaps to fold up the booklet &
place it inside? 
Because of that, it easily bends.  For such a beautiful
Deck, it should have a sturdier box. 
The card-stock itself is also a bit on the thin side. 
I don't know if I'll let clients handle these cards.

Would I recommend this Deck?
It's fresh, inventive, vibrant -
Just look at these colors...
Movie Buff must have!
As for Me,
Any Deck depicting the 8 of cups with

Rhett Butler walking away from Scarlett
is a must have.

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