Friday, November 8, 2013

A Message from Spirit 11/7/13

Thy Mother is the 1 true God
You who assign gender
When there is none

For I am the ONE
Who makes Mountains quake
Waters Flood
And Kings fall from grace

The Ones you call Angels
Walk among you
Unknowing who they are
Fulfilling their destiny
By deed & word

Armageddon comes

Not with Thunder
But with a whisper
The cries of a hundred (hundreds more?)
Yet none shall hear

When the fire comes
This shall be too late
Hunger in the streets
Yet many turn a blind eye

Upon Thy mount
Many converge
Seeking answers
Believing none
Yet some shall rise
The truth bearers
And One Shall lead the way
And She will be righteous

And Why when one speaks to me
Does one not anoint Thyself with Nard &
Precious Oils?
For I AM
Who rises above all


  1. wow. so powerful. you have some beautiful writing here :-)

  2. Hi Suzi,
    It feels very powerful doesn't it? I actually woke up during the night & heard this message & I scribbled it on an envelope!

  3. Very powerful! I can never sit down and write something like that. It takes a lot of effort lol