Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's in a Name?
Er' a Witches cauldron be
Voice of Spirit calls to thee...
Today's Giveaway winner...
Lady Grace Dreamweaver.
The goddess was listening, wasn't She?
To All who entered, Thank You
For sharing your dreams
May you know She is listening...


  1. And as the Lady calls, so shall I answer.

    Thank you! The affirmation of the gift is the gift itself. When the fool stands on the cliff with nothing but clouds to catch her, sometimes an affirmation is just what's needed to keep her eyes up and out of fear. The dream calls...

  2. Greetings from Cameron...
    Dreamweaver is not alone in her dream. I am her partner, and am in the same graduate program now that she has just completed. Part of the dream she has shared involves a future practice together, and yes, we seek to be available as therapists to our community in ways that are not a burden financially to those who are in need.
    This is indeed an affirmation of the power of dreaming and the investiture of dreams.
    Lord and Lady bless!

  3. Congrats to Lady Grace! And I love Sarah McLachlan's version of Song for a Winter's Night -- so, so beautiful.

  4. Lady Grace "Dreamweaver",
    You are most welcome.
    Cameron, Thank you for joining us.
    Debra, As always a most welcome visitor..
    The song is truly beautiful, isn't it?