Friday, December 17, 2010

Manifesting Magick through Dreams

Dream Weaving,
Manifesting Magick during the dream state.
More than Dream interpretation
More than receiving messages
Dream weaving is

We begin by creating a Dream Altar.
A sacred space for the preparation
& workings of dream magick.
Keep your dream altar as close to your sleeping
area as possible.
It can be as simple as a piece of quartz & some fresh
lavender or as elaborate as Statuary to a Dream Goddess
such as Rhiannon,
Items to assist you in Dream State &
Offerings to Spirit/ Goddess/God

Manifesting in Dream State is working
in another realm.
That which applies to manifestation during
waking hours does not apply to dream state.
We do not work with voids,
nor astrological correspondences
Days of the week - do not matter on the astral plane.

So what do we work with?
Herbs, crystals, stones
Paper & pen
We create teas to drink before sleep
We lay herbs under our pillows or
Create sachets, Dream pillows
We place crystals under our pillow,
We wear them
We write our desires upon a paper
placed upon our dream altar,
We place them in our sachets, pillows
We pray, we call upon Spirit, Our Higher Selves,
The Great Mother
Then we dream
We make it so
Dream a little magick into your life


  1. Thank you so much for this information. Didn't know I could take an active part in my dreams. I am definitely going to be putting a crystal under my pillow tonight.

    May your day be filled with many smiles and blessings.

  2. Hi Julia!
    Dreams are a part of our lives, yes we certainly can manifest in all aspects of our
    May you manifest your dreams!