Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dream Weaving

Sometimes prophetic, often analyzed
Our dreams speak to us
Dreams offer us an opportunity to exist in another realm.

Our dreams can be a guide or a blueprint
Dreams can be a doorway to manifesting
The ancients knew this.

In Egypt, Priestesses of Isis prepared Herbs
of prophetic sleep
For they knew that She shall come in time of dreams
Guiding Her daughters.

In Native American cultures,
Medicine Men & Women use their dreams
to manifest a world for their children and their children's children.

Today Dream Weaving although almost a lost art;
Remains a powerful manifestation tool.
For in Dream State we enter another realm
We exist in a place of possibilities
We coexist with Spirit, Our higher selves
It is here The Great Mother breathes life into our dreams.
So before heading off to sleep,
Spend some time in the silence
Map your dreams, visualize your world
Bring Her an offering
Call to the Great Mother
May She guide your dreams


  1. Great post Helene! Dreaming is something I love to do and anylize, some dreams are very story-like, manifestation of things we do during the day, week, month, some others are hidden messages to us or about us. Sometimes I visit places from my past, sometimes I fly, sometimes I listen, Always I think. Few days ago i was dreaming that my Dad has sent a packet but all the content is lying down in front of my house,loose,and i am wondering why is it all there and i didnt pick it up yet.The truth was i knew my Dad has sent packet but the day after the dream i found out the courrier failed and the packet is still in my home country lying down in some stock. Funny thing how the true info comes through dreams.

  2. I've always been "spoken to" more by repetitive symbols that appear during my waking hours, rather than by dream symbols that appear during sleep. Maybe dream symbols just can't reach me the same way.

  3. Greetings Nesca & Debra!
    Dreams are often a way Spirit, Our Higher Self,
    The Goddess communicate with us.
    But Dream Weaving is more than that.
    It is the Craft of manifesting during our dream time. There are specific recipes we use
    to prepare potions, teas etc..
    Debra, it's a good thing that you get your
    messages during your waking moments - you're higher self is very conscious of receiving. That being said, if you attune yourself to it,
    it will come.