Friday, December 10, 2010

Holda - Goddess of Winter


Ancient Goddess whose name means "gracious one"
White Lady of Winter
Goddess of the seasons

Kindness & Mercy
Goddess of Home & Hearth
Patron of Witches
She is a Goddess of Weather
Of Spinning, Weaving
It is She who brings the snow,
Shaking off Her feather bed,
Laughing & Spreading Joy.
Her snow blankets Mother Earth
Hiding & protecting Her seedlings
Until the Wheel turns and Spring arrives.

Goddess who taught spinning & weaving to women
An acceptable form of income for ancient women.
But Spinning is so much more.
For Spinning & weaving creates the magick fabric
of our lives.
Patroness of Witches
She who teaches us to create.

Mother Holle
Bringer of gifts
Bringer of Good Health, Good Fortune, Prosperity.
Mother Holda
Protector of Children
Rocking them to sleep, singing her lullaby.
Mother Holda
She brings gifts to the children
She is the origin of Santa,
long before Father Christmas.

Twelve days sacred to Holda.
Honor Her
Leave cookies & Milk
Light a Red candle
Offer Her the greatest Honor this Yule -
Donate a toy to a needy child.
Remember Mother Holda,
For Yes, Virginia - There is a Santa Claus

Her name is Holda

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