Monday, December 20, 2010

The Solstice, The Full Moon & An Eclipse

This Tuesday marks the arrival of the Solstice.
This particular Solstice arrives during a Full Moon
& a lunar eclipse.

The Solstice itself is a time for looking inward.
A time of reflection
But it is also a time of Magick
During a Solstice/Full Moon
All sorts of wonderful magick can be manifested
So now we have a Solstice/Full Moon/Eclipse
All manner of Magick can manifest here, right?

Well, not exactly.
This eclipse arrives during a VOID
In my time zone, EST

The eclipse/void arrives at 3:13 AM
Now most of us understand voids.
In fact I'm sure many have experienced
Magick gone awry,
Only to find there was a void during the working.

Does this mean we don't work any magick?
Of course not.
We rearrange.
We work before the eclipse.
Do we get the benefit of the Eclipse?
Yes and No
No, We will not reap any magickal benefit
From this particular eclipse
Yes, It brings a special spiritual significance

The Celestial Event is full of Spiritual Energy
Change is coming
She is rising
In different cultures,
Called by many names
She is calling to Her children
Could this be a precursor to the Aquarian Age?
I don't know
But what I do know,
This is Magick of the greatest kind


  1. Exciting times! It feels like we are opening a gift.

  2. I have felt all day that it was a very special day and that good things were coming!! Greatest of feelings!! Merry Solstice to you and yours!!

    May your day be filled with many smiles and blessings!!!