Thursday, August 15, 2013

White sage, Smudging & Culture Clash

Not too long ago I posted one of My Aromatherapy products
on My FB page. I received a post from an annoyed
"Native American" gentlemen who said He
found it amusing that I was trying to sell their Spirituality. 
What I found "amusing" was the product and practice in question
contained neither White Sage or Sweetgrass.
The item wasn't even called a smudge but a purifying spray. 

So why now am I writing about White Sage?
Well I'm not really writing about White Sage or smudging.

I am writing about culture clashes,
respecting other cultures, spiritual paths

& this melting pot called America.

My Mother's family traveled from Egypt to Romania.
I never quite figured out how geographically
that move was made but it was.
Eventually My Grandparents came to America.
When people arrive in new lands they bring with them
their culture.
Sometimes things have to be adapted.
A plant that may be Native to Egypt or Romania
May not be readily available here.
What is called smudging in one culture
may be called "Fumigation" to another.
Yes, it's not a pretty term but in Egypt fumigation
was an important part of cleansing one's body,
home & space.  Yes, it was used to prepared
the deceased for their journey to the afterlife.

The bottom line is cleansing is an important tradition.
When people immigrate to new lands, they are exposed
to new things. Like any good healer or medicine person,
they learn the secrets of the plants in their new land.

I'm not Egyptian. I'm not Romanian. I am an American.
I was born on "this" land.
If I am wise, I will learn the gifts of this land.
If I am wiser still, I will respect other cultures.
I will learn to incorporate the energies of this land into
My Spiritual practice because this is what
I have to work with.
I will not sell My Spirituality or try to co op another's.
I will not burn White Sage because it is cool.
I will burn it because I understand the energies
of the plant & What it has to offer.
I burn it along with the Bay,  Frankincense,
Myrrh that is part of My tradition.

We are a melting pot.
It's important that we respect other cultures & traditions.
It's also important that we be true to who we are.



  1. Excellent post. I completely agree with you.

  2. Thank You! Many Blessings on your "travels"...