Sunday, August 4, 2013

A look at The Fairy Lights Tarot

As Tarot Decks go, We all have Our preferences.
Some favor RWS clones, some like Marseilles style...
We've got Animals, Fantasy Decks - the list goes on.
I'm not a huge fan of fairy type decks, I'm also not big on
muted colors. 
Simply a matter of preference. 
So when I first saw the Fairy Lights Tarot, it didn't exactly
interest me.
Then I saw a description that intrigued me.
I purchased it.

What struck me about the Fairy Lights Tarot was the premise
of this deck -Each card is 1 half of a painting created by artist
Lucia Mattioli.
This makes for a fabulous an innovative learning tool.
The first thing I did was try & match up the pairs! 
By looking at the cards in "pairs", you look at the cards in
a new way.  You see possibilities you hadn't thought of.
It brings a fresh perspective.
If I were teaching a Tarot class ( NO I won't be,lol)
This deck would be required. 
Who knows, maybe someone will decide to teach a class using
this deck.

One of My favorite pairs from the Fairy Tarot:

The Empress & The 5 of Wands.

The Empress on Her Own :
Does it hold the same meaning?  Have you picked up on any nuances
you may not have noticed before?
What about the 5 of Wands? Have your impressions shifted?

The Fairy Lights Tarot is fresh. Lucia Mattioli created a beautiful &
innovative deck.  I do wish the card stock was a little heavier.
Would I recommend you purchase?  What are You waiting for...

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