Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meltdown on the Spiritual Path

This past Weekend I had a meltdown,
When I say a meltdown,
I'm talking epic proportions.

The sort of thing that shocked the hell out of me &
Those close to me.

I'm not going to go into all the details,
But it was so out of character for me.
Looking back on it, I sensed something was coming.
In the days prior I did a bit of cleansing.
Maybe the cleansing was a catalyst, or perhaps
The sense of something's "Not quite right"  was flashing
a warning.

It all began on Friday Night.
The same Friday Night of The Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse.
The Full Moon in Aries.
I just happen to be an Aries.

I had been doing Prayer, Meditation & Honoring Spirit
When it hit me.
It began with a torrent of emotions.
Anger, Frustration, Sadness & Anger again.

In the Midst of all this insanity, and it was insanity
Was a terrible sense of loss.

I lost My Dad, Less then a year ago.
I had an intensely close relationship with Him.
I was His caregiver for probably 10 years.

There are Many things that led to this Meltdown,
But The overwhelming grief I felt at that moment
catapulted into an unexpected emotional and Spiritual

Thankfully My Partner made some smart choices
in handling the situation.
Very calming He said, "You need to see Padrino".
Then He called him.
My Meltdown is not why I'm writing any of this.
It's what it reminded me of.
It's what I try to teach others,
but I'd forgotten Myself.

Every Day I see clients for a multitude of  issues.
Sometimes it love, career, finance.
Sometimes it's about choices,
Sometimes it's a Spiritual checkup & quite often
It's to connect with a loved one who's passed over.

When a client loses a loved one,
They want immediate comfort of connecting
with the loved one.
I recommend waiting but most people don't
want to hear it.
They want it now.
We want that connection because it makes US
feel better.
It may not be the best thing
for the one who has passed.
In Our grief, We become selfish.
It's human nature.
We don't allow time for the one who has
passed to adjust, to move on in their journey.

What We think We do for love, Is not truly

We must learn to set them free.
That is the greatest gift We can give to those We truly love.
And When the time is right,
We must have confidence in the knowledge
They will be there for Us.

That is what We must take comfort in.

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