Thursday, October 10, 2013

On Being a " Witch"

Being a Witch doesn't make Me "cool" or "hip"
I take No mind of those things.
Being a Witch means I respect & honor the power
within Me
I respect & honor the power of Nature
Being a Witch doesn't mean I dance
Naked under the Moon partaking in wild orgies;
I have stood
Naked in the Rain
Because it felt good & clean & refreshing
I have lain
Naked in the Sun because Vitamin D
Is good for My body
And I have danced  under the Moon
Because I am a Woman,
A Daughter of The Great Mother
and I honor the energies of Lady Moon
Being a Witch doesn't make me Godless
Nor a devil worshiper
Being a Witch has nothing to do
With My religious beliefs
And Everything to do with My Spirituality.

My Magick is neither Good
Nor Bad
My Magick is born of respect for Nature,
For the Cycles of life
Neither a game or to be taken lightly
Being a Witch doesn't make Me Perfect
Or Imperfect
Being a Witch teaches me
To be the Best I can be
Which in the End,
Is something We all should strive for

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