Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Message from The Great Mother Oct 2013

"The Path to Spirit
Is The Path To Nature"

I asked Spirit if there was any message I should share for the energies
of October. 

The first message I received, as posted above was simple & to the point. 

Early this morning I heard another message:

"Whence Thou casts
Thy foot upon the Earth,
Do so with Great Reverence.
For the time shall come
When My wrath shall be felt
And many will quake
In My Path.

You Who turn a blind eye
Do so foolishly
For I who hath given
Shall taketh away
Encumbrance shall come

I have raised Great Empires
And toppled many more.
Those who have forgotten
Shall remember,
For I AM the Giver
And I AM the Taker
I shall decide
Who is righteous
And Who shall be cast out.

(The?) Fall from Grace
Shall be heard loudly
Across many lands
And My Children Shall rise up
My Daughters take hand
and know
SHE has risen."

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