Friday, September 13, 2013

The "Business" of Being a Psychic Reader

Recently I was invited By Christiana C. Gaudet
to speak about the
"Business Side" of Reading.

What tips or advice do I have for others
who are thinking of going "Pro".

I found this especially flattering because
She is the author of probably
My favorite book on the subject - Fortune Stellar.

The first thing that comes to mind is this is a Business.
It may be a Spiritual Path or Calling but it still needs to
be treated like a Business.
People tend to shy away from the thought of something
so Spiritual, Sacred as being a Business.
Whether it's Reiki or Readings, at some point if is this is to
be Your livelihood, You need to respect the Business energy.

Here are some of the Tips I shared:

1. Don't quit your day job.
    Really. At least not yet. Not until you are sure
    you can support Yourself. Will You be able to afford
    medical Insurance? Pay taxes?

    Do You have a partner who is stable & willing to support you?
2.  Business Card
     One of the early mistakes I made was
     NOT having a business card.

     That meant a loss of potential clients.
     You don't have to spend a lot of money.
     You can get creative.  I purchased mini tarot cards

     & printed labels with My name & phone number -
     You know those awful labels

     you find on the back of the newspaper?  But it worked.
     People were able to find me.

3. Work "Psychic Fairs"
     Yes, They can be intimidating. Yes, They lack ambiance.
     Yes, they are competitive, noisy & distracting
     BUT if you can do it, it's a great opportunity
     to build a clientele & get over the nerves.

4. Skip the Free Online Readings
     Unless You are a student.  There are some excellent
     workshops/classes which offer Free Readings for
     honest feedback.  However, if you think it may be
     a good way to build your business... Forget about it!

     I've seen the same people running from page to page
     asking for the freebie.

     Most of them will never purchase a reading from You.
     ( Offering the occasional Free Reading as a Giveback is nice)
5.  Don't Under or Over Value Your work.
6.  Have a separate phone line.

7.  Know Your Clientele.
      Find Your Niche
8.  Know the Rules. 
      What are the regulations, laws, etc
9.  Have a thick skin.
10.  Love What You do.

       Even though you treat it like a business, first you must
       love what you do.  The moment you stop enjoying it;
       ask Yourself if this is burnout?  It the answer is Yes,
       take a short break.  Step away.  Regroup.  If You find
       You're still not enjoying it, it's time to move on.  Remember,
        even if you "close shop"... You gave it Your best shot!   

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