Thursday, April 11, 2013

I See The Great Mother

Today a client asked me, "Where do your messages come from?"
"Do they come from Angels?"
Although I can't prove, and let's face it - Can anyone say without
a doubt what Spirit is exactly? I believe the messages come from
The Goddess.
Maybe I should say I KNOW. 
That's My personal truth.  We all have our own truths.

How did I come by My truth?
I saw Her...
About now You may be thinking "She needs a tin
foil hat".. That's OK.

Quite a number of years ago, She came to me.
I was wide awake.  There were no substances involved -
Really there were none...

It was around midnight.
I was sitting by My altar doing candle work & meditating.
I accidentally stepped on My cat Rocky's tail...
He lashed out & bit me. 
Rocky was temperamental..
I could see the 2 holes from the bite marks &

Of course, blood.
It was an "Oh crap" moment.
Not that the bites were deep, but I tend to have a reaction...
The last time I had a cat bite I spent the evening in the ER -
on IV antibiotics.. 
I wasn't in a position to run to the hospital.
Dad was in bed sleeping.
I couldn't leave him alone, besides I had no car -
Who would bring me?
I got up to go clean it up, when I saw Her.
She was beautiful. 
It was strange but I wasn't at all afraid.
I felt peace. I felt great beauty.
She had pale skin. Red lips.
A long hooded cape.
I heard the name, "HECATE"
I was in awe. I can not put into words what I felt.
She said everything would be fine.
Then She was gone.

I looked down at My hand & there was no wound.
No holes, no bite, not a thing.
I knew SHE was there.
Why am I telling this crazy story?
Because I need to.
I need to honor HER.

We all see Spirit in different ways.
Perhaps, You see Angels, or Mary.
My truth?
Hecate came to me.
She's visited me again. The visits have always come
when She was needed and never called to.
I would be remiss not to honor Her.
You may think I need a Tin Foil Hat.
That's okay.
I know differently.
I know The Great Mother & I am proud to say so.

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