Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Talkin' Crystals

Crystals... No, They are NOT some New age Mumbo Jumbo.
Crystals have long been used by the ancients.
The Ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome,
Even the Mayan cultures honored & worked with Crystals.
References to Crystals can bee found throughout the Bible.
Some Stones were used for medicinal purposes.
Some, for Spiritual.
Some crystals were reserved for Royalty.

Native Americans refer to them as "Stone People".
They are the "Record keepers".
They are our teachers.
Our history, for They are Mother Earth Herself.
Generations have walked across Her.
The Blood & Spirit of ancestors is carried within
the energies of every stone, every crystal.

There are many ways to connect with crystals,
To benefit from their wisdom, their energy.
We can simply wear them, or carry them upon us.
We can place them around our homes, workspaces, even our cars.
We can create grids to cleanse & energize.
We can use them for Crystal remedies & Gem Waters.
Treat your Crystals & Gemstones with care and respect.
Honor them and they shall share their secrets with you.
The next time you find yourself drawn to a particular stone,
Follow your inner guidance -
For that stone has a lesson to share with you.
May you honor the Earth that lies beneath your feet,
May you learn from Her people

If you are looking for a good resource on working with Crystals,
I suggest the following: The Crystal Healer - Philip Permutt The Crystal experience - Judy Hall


  1. Love this post. I just received my heulandite today, and all I can say is "wow". Thank you for sharing!

  2. You are very welcome.. Having a bit of trouble with blogger though!
    Heulandite is great - It def was meant for you (:

  3. I love the look of crystals. My favourite is amethyst. I'll never forget how enthralled I was when I first saw a huge amethyst geode.

  4. I've always loved crystals...and I do love everything that Judy Hall writes.

  5. This was a beautiful post and I completely agree, if a stone calls out to you, it has something to teach you!

    Also, I love this:
    "The Blood & Spirit of ancestors is carried within the energies of every stone, every crystal."

    That is such a wonderful way of understanding the power of stones. Kudos for a great post!

  6. Crystals are amazing...
    Mary, This new book has a lot of great info on working with crystals - a must have, especially for those who are first connecting...
    Kijjet, Thank You for your kind words. I hope that perhaps others will understand the message as you have (:
    Debra, Love geodes!!! They are great to keep & clease crystals in! Amethyst & Citrine - the best!

  7. I love having crystals around the home :) judy hall is a great first must have crystal book. I have a friend that thinks crystals are new age mumbo jumbo but i swear by them. I have a wonderful silver cage necklace which opens up to pop your crystals in and inside is amethyst and topaz a wonderful calming combo i wear it everyday and would recommend those 2 crystals worn together to everyone x x great post ty