Monday, April 25, 2011

The Giveaway

Are You ready to see Irmina's progress?
This Yemeya sculpture is being created especially
for this giveaway.

Follow both Irmina's blog,
But it's not quite that simple!

How You honor Our Waters.
Do you have a Prayer? A Poem? A Ritual
perhaps? A song? Do you volunteer?
Show us -,
for your chance to win Irmina's art

May Her Waters wash over & Bless You


  1. Belly dancing is the only kind of dance I ever considered to learn. It is beautiful. You should give it a shot! By the way this is one beautiful Goddess! Be blessed.

  2. In-freakin'-credible. :) This inspired me to photograph my own Yemeya sculpture--I'll have to post this week. :)


  3. Good for you, I try to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible I have my own water bottle and coffee mug that I reuse instead of paper or plastic I use my bags :)

    Peace and Blessing

  4. Hello Irmina ...
    How are you? ... I follow you always, but on FB, because I have some problems to open my blog with my pc ...
    If I understand it, just a giveaway ...!? I participate willingly ... I still have the kitten in the cabinet and is close to my little witch, and then with the pin ... beautiful ...
    Congratulations on your creations, more and more beautiful ....
    a hug

  5. Hi, I have only just discovered your site, and I like it very much. My Husband and I do our best to save water, as we live on Kangaroo Island in Australia and water is precious to us. We only use our own rain water, and use it sparingly. My husband built a tiny Pirate Boat with the Goddess Yemeya's name on it and floated it out to sea with a pray for everlasting goodness for the ocean and safe passage for all whom sail on her. I would love to be included in this give away and would love to give it to my husband. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and talents with us all. xxx

  6. she is wonderful cant wait to see her finished :) i have a little water blessing which i say when i shower bathe.... well anytime really i not long done a post about water .... such an amazing thing ... im going to post my blessing on my sidebar and hope you will include me in your wonderful giveaway x x x Beltane blessings