Saturday, April 16, 2011

April - Full Moon in Libra

Tomorrow night the Full Moon arrives in Libra.
Ruled by Venus,
Goddess of love & beauty.
Libra is the sign of partnership,
harmony & peace.

Libra, symbolized by the scales.
Libra strives for fairness
Peaceable co-existance.

Libra is very distinct from the other signs,
For Libra is the only sign NOT represented
by Life - Human or Animal.
Every sign on the astrological wheel is
represented by a living creature.
Man, represented by the Aquarius Water Bearer,
The Virgo Virgin, The Gemini Twins..
Animal, as represented by The Leo Lion,
The Cappy Goat, The Aries Ram -
Across the wheel it goes,
Until Libra.

If We allow Our Human Emotions
too weigh too heavily,
We become out of balance,
If We rely solely upon Our instincts
We react without giving thought;
Possibly creating situations
We may have handled otherwise.

Perhaps Libra contains a message of Spiritual attainment.
If We learn to balance That which makes us human
With That which connects us to our brothers & sisters
of the animal kingdom;
Then We shall know harmony.
Then we shall know peace.
It is then we shall truly "know" Spirit.
The Wise One's knew.
Maybe One day, We shall know too.
May you find balance in your life.


  1. OOh excellent post (and reminder for the full moon... I'm always forgetting full moons). Maybe I'll do some meditating in my yard tonight (bundled in blankets of course... brr!)

  2. Thank You Kiijjet... Meditating would be great... Any kind of "magick" would be sketchy
    since it arrives with a void!
    Many Blessings,