Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sacrifices & Offerings

Sacrifice & Offering.
Do you know the difference?
A few nights ago,
While sitting before Her altar
I heard a message.
Not quite sure what to make of it,
Nonetheless I posted it.

A few days after the post,
A young women, who I know only in passing;
mentioned to me Her prowess in sacrificing
"Chickens" for Her Spiritual path.
In Our conversation,
She expressed how great was her sacrifice
& how she would be "blessed".
She mentioned how others do not understand.
How the animal was making this sacrifice
for Her Goddess.
I remembered My Lady's words.
So I asked,
"Do you know the difference between offering
& sacrifice?"

Today many people do not.
It's easy to make an offering.
We give a gift to please & appease.
We give a gift so we may be granted a "boon".
We offer Fruits, Flowers, Crystals.
Even the sacrificial rites of certain traditions are

Sacrifice is different.
Sacrifice takes work.
Sacrifice often comes upon us
Sacrifice is giving of one's time.
Sacrifice is helping those unable to
help themselves.
Sacrifice is a test of character,
Great Spiritual leaders have been so
because they sacrificed.
Mother Theresa
The Dalai lama
Others, All who have sacrificed
For their people
For a cause
For their God/Goddess/Spirit

Therein lies the difference.
Can we all be Great Heroes to the world?
We can be heroes to those around us.
If you truly seek the greatness of spiritual reward
Then you must first understand sacrifice.
I Thank My Lady for Her guidance & wisdom
I am
Your daughter


  1. Seems to me it's like eggs and bacon -- the chicken was involved but the pig was committed! She made an offering but it was the chicken who made the sacrifice. I wonder what the chicken thought about the whole deal.

  2. Good Morning & Thank You Debra!
    Couldn't have said it better myself!
    Btw.. Since you have entered our giveawy- the first.. As soon as I have a moment I'll be posting your link!