Friday, April 22, 2011

Are you ready to honor Mama Gaia?
We are.
Here at Intuitive Goddess We are honoring
Mother Earth by focusing on Our Oceans.

So much damage has been done in recent times
to the seas.
What can we do?
Of course we need to be mindful.
Perhaps We can follow Dr. Emoto & offer prayers
& healing energy.
Is there a beach clean up in your area?

This all leads to the Giveaway.
The wonderful & talented Irmina is
creating a Yemeya sculpture that is truly beautiful.
What we want from you...
Show us How you honor Her waters.
Whether it is in the form of a prayer, an altar,
a ritual..
Tell us.
Send us a picture, a link to a video.

We will be posting Photos of Irmina's work
as She progresses.
One other thing - You must be a fan of both
http://Goddessintuitions and

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