Thursday, June 17, 2010

Short Notice But...

Summer Solstice Giveaway...
Winners choice....
Yemeya Reading or Abundance Mojo Bag
June 21st

Rules Have Changed...
This Blog was created to honor The Goddess.
To be in service to The Great Mother, to spread Her
word to those who seek it, To give something Back.

I'm asking those who are interested in this giveaway
to visit the blog "Doll with a Soul" by Nesca.
She has created a beautiful piece to honor The Goddess
as she sees her.
Leave a comment for Nesca. Show some support !
Then add your name or comment here, on My Blog.
Yes, it's a bit of work... But it's just a moment of your time.
You can state your preference now or if you win.
Spread some abundance.
May it return threefold.


  1. I went to Nesca's blog and saw her sexy, modern Isis! She is magnificent!

  2. Blimey thanks for sending me over She is amazing, stunning x x

  3. Yes! I'm so happy, Nesca is a wonderful artist who can use the support!
    Come on folks - any others interested?

  4. Wow, WOOOOOW, wOw ... OH !!!
    I dropped my jaw,lol...
    I sit down to have my evening sneeking tour to check what all creative and magical people are doing and i see my name here !!!
    Helene... you are something special ! And you didn't tell me anything, you cheeky...
    Thank You. With all my heart. And always....

    And THANK YOU ALL who visit my blog.

    p.s. Isis is half-dressed so far :)

  5. Am off to visit right now..
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  6. I know I have missed the giveaway but I am so thrilled to find your site.