Sunday, December 6, 2009

What makes a witch?

Many years ago looking at my reflection

in the mirror, I made the statement
"I am a witch". At that moment
I felt an incredible energy and a joy in the knowing.

So what makes a witch?
A witch lives in harmony with nature
A witch has a reverence for the Divine in all living things
A witch knows the smallest of rocks is living
A witch keeps their word
For a witch knows words are power

You can not take a class and become a witch.
You can take a class and learn the ways of witchcraft
You can take a class and learn how to dress a candle
or the many names and aspects of the Goddess
You can learn of herbs, of cycles of the moon.
You can learn many things from a good course but
You will not "become" a witch.
There are no certificates pronouncing one a witch.
There is no authority authenticating one witch over another.

A witch is a state of BEING

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  1. Thank you! I recently read that Mark Cabot Erdicicco, "the only accredited witch in Staten Island", is offering classes so that the students "can learn witchcraft the correct way!". I admit I was taken aback. To me, this flies in the face of one of paganism's basic tenants in that we are tolerant if not embracing of other paths (knowing each of us has our own); believing that all paths/belief systems hold some truth and that truth can lead one to the power of enlightenment. His statement implies that his path is the only path and, to me, that smacks of "organized religion". I see a slippery slope here.