Monday, December 28, 2009

The Three Graces

According to Greek Mythology they are
Goddesses of beauty, nature, creativity.
Among the entries found in the
Merriam-Webster dictionary for grace:

A sense of what is right and proper
Divine influence
A special virtue given by the goddess/god
A short prayer or Thanks usually given at meals

So why am I writing about Grace?
As we continue into the New Year,
I choose to do so with Thankfulness.

I am Thankful to have My Lady in my life.
I am Thankful for family & friends
I am Thankful for the ability to care for My Dad
I am Thankful for those who came before me
& guided my path;
Some Ancestors, some I will never meet,
but they have made the path a little easier
to navigate.

These 3 Women have made traveling
that path a little easier.

"Z" Zsuzsanna Budapest

I am NOT a Dianic Witch.
I am NOT Wiccan
I don't even consider myself a feminist
I AM a Witch & a Psychic
In the early 70's Z Budapest was arrested and went to
trial for "fortune telling".
It was her fight which makes it possible for myself &
others to earn a living using our "gifts". It was her fight
which opened the doors for many pagan religions, opening
the path recognizing Wicca as a religion in this country.

May I have the Grace to stand up for My Beliefs

Laurie Cabot

I approach this choice with mixed emotions.
Ms. Cabot incites much controversy. I disagree with
many of her public statements and beliefs in regard to
the craft. She walks a fine line between raising
consciousness about the Craft and setting us back
a dozen or so years.
In the end I find, I owe Ms. Cabot gratitude.
Gratitude for coming out so publicly in a time when it
was far from acceptable to do so.
Gratitude for opening the first public Witchcraft shop
in Salem and possibly in the US

May I have the Grace to Be Myself


Misty-Eve writes the newsletter
A Word to the Wise based on the teachings of her
mentor Father Eli and the Drudic Craft of the Wise.
I am Not a member of The Drudic Craft of the Wise.
I have taken the opportunity of studying with Misty-Eve
& have gleaned much insight from those studies.
I believe that the best of teachers must be the best of students.

May I have the Grace to remain a student first,
on My path to enlightenment

These are my Graces.
3 very different women,
with differing spiritual paths.
Each giving something of themselves
to the pagan community.

My hope is in the coming months
the pagan community finds the Grace
to support one another .
Be it Wiccan, Druid, Palo, Witchcraft,
wherever the path leads;
May it lead to Grace


  1. First, I must say I think your blog is beautiful! I agree with you on most of your author opinions and reviews here. :)

  2. Thank You both for taking the time
    to not only read but give some feedback!

  3. how do we sign up for her newsletter? I used to subscribe on a different email but I would Love to start back up if Misty-Eve is still doing it, thank you! <3