Thursday, December 10, 2009

Balsamic Moon - Cleansing

The arrival of the balsamic moon is perfectly timed.
As the holidays approach nerves seem frazzled,
stress begins to peak and we sometimes forget the
truths of this season.
We need to step back. Take a moment to BE.
We need to wash away negativity and emerge
as a babe from it's mothers womb.
We need to bathe in the wisdom and guidance
of the Goddess (Great Mother)

I use baths for many reasons. There are baths
for bringing. Baths for cleansing. Baths just for
relaxing. This is one of my favorites. I take this
bath before reading for clients, after readings
and during the Dark Moon.
Water and Salt create powerful magick.

Sea Salt Bath
Just before you go to bed pour 1 pound sea salt into the tub
and fill with water. Add 10 drops of Lavender essential oil
- if you have fresh lavender drop a bit in.
Soak. Relax. Most of all, enjoy. Don't shower off afterwards.

Head off to bed. Tomorrow you'll awaken refreshed, energized, anew...


  1. Sounds great ! i love lavender.

  2. Thank You Nesca!
    You can try different oils
    but this is my fav.

  3. Thank you again! The bath was wonderful. Just wish my bathtub were bigger! :)

  4. this spoke alot to me... I like how you tied the new moon with the subtle chaos this season can bring.... it truly is a time to be still and renew esp. before the Yule... thank you for sharing

  5. Thank You, I'm glad this resonates with you.
    I hope this season renews and refreshes
    all your hopes & dreams!