Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gratitude Giveaway

I created this blog with gratitude
and devotion to the Goddess.
This is a sacred place devoted to My Lady,
A place to share words and wisdom

On the solstice She brings forth
the rebirth of the Sun/Son.
A New Year, with new hopes and dreams.

In honor of My Lady, I am giving away
1 Goddess insight Reading.
The reading shall be given by email
or by phone depending on the location
of the recipient.
To enter offer your words of gratitude to
The Goddess / God .
Post in the comment section.
You must be a follower of this blog,
Please send contact info to
You may go to my shop

to see what I'll be giving away.

Winner will be announced after New Years Eve.
May all your dreams manifest in the year ahead


  1. Hello :) I am thankfull to God for my little family, for every smile and joy. I am thankful for difficulties because it makes me stronger, and thankful for happy moments because it makes me appreciate what was given to me.

    love and peace

  2. That is Lovely Nesca!
    Wishing You and Your little family a Blessed Yule & a wonderful holiday season.
    Good Luck with your entry (:

  3. I am thankful for the "return of the light". This will be the darkest night but with gratitude we know the sun is going to return in all it's power. For now, the profound stillness and peace that surrounds us soothes our souls, renewing us for the coming year.