Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Magick of Licorice Root

To the ancient Egyptians,
Licorice Root was prized for it's medicinal
as well as magickal properties.
For the Priestesses
Medicine & Magick were one and the same.

Among it's medicinal uses;
It is an expectorant
Used in teas, cough remedies, etc.
As an anti inflammatory
It is used to soothe skin disorders such as Eczema,
Useful in treatment of canker sores & peptic ulcers.
Licorice Root is also known for it's estrogenic properties.

So what does any of this have to do with Magick?
It's use in sex & love magick is rooted
in those same estrogenic properties.
The root is often chewed for sexual potency.
It is "sprinkled" in the footprints of a lover
to keep them from wandering.
It is used in love oils & incense.
But it's greatest strength is the Magick of Protection.

Protection Magick.
Licorice root was buried in the tombs
of the deceased,
to protect the Soul on it's journey.
It was placed in amulets worn by Priestesses .
The same qualities that expel toxins,
poisons from the body,
Expels negative energy from our lives.
The same energy that creates a barrier
to soothe & protect our bodies
from ulcers, skin irritations
Provides a protective barrier around the magickal practitioner.
Today, we still value it
For it's Protective qualities.
It is one of the Nine Sacred Herbs of protection.
Use it in a Mojo Bag with other protective Herbs & crystals
Use it in a cleansing bath
Mix it in an incense,
Stuff it in a poppet to bind a person or bad habit
from your life.
But remember to always use caution & common sense --
(Licorice root should NOT be used by pregnant women
or by those with High Blood pressure & Edema)

Licorice Root is Sacred to the Goddess.
Use it as an offering
Use it wisely and it shall serve
you well.


  1. Enjoyed this excellent post! Very thorough, and very much appreciated - Thank you!!!!! Lisa

  2. Lisa (Karen)...
    You are very welcome. I hope this is what you were looking for. I may add a recipe or two for an oil or incense...
    I don't post them that often because it is my belief that one must not rely on others but must learn to create their own magick...
    Also, being completely honest - it is tradition that we don't share certain info which sigh, is a mixed bag... It protects the sanctity & power of the workings but then how will others learn?? I'm often on the fence with this...

  3. Yes, it was very interesting and in your usual style of short and concise:>) A shaman would use sage to dissolve the negative energy and might also call on Armadillo and others to set protective boundaries. Anyway, I'm going to look into that further and see where it leads as it may be helpful in a compress for a skin problem two of my older dogs are having. If it works, I'll let you know :>)

    I don't know anything about witchcraft traditions, so this may be a naive question, but since the shelves in the bookstores are bulging with books on the subject, along with the internet, aren't a lot of others already sharing?

  4. Hi (Karen) Lisa,
    I hope it may be of help. It might work well as a compress just do some research as I have no idea if it would be suitable for a dog...

    Now onto the other question..

    Yes, there are many books out there. There are many traditions - not all will share info.
    There is some good info out there and there is alot of bunk.
    Something many don't speak of & I am planning to post about is giving "incomplete" info.
    Alot of Witches, Conjurers etc don't give their
    exact formulas. They leave something out or
    change the formula a bit..There are reasons -
    some may fear others misusing the info, sometimes it's a case of Power over, and many times it is a matter of keeping the sanctity of the practice- a matter of respect.
    I can NOT speak for all traditions or Houses.
    I can only speak for mine. My guy is a Palero & His house will NEVER share info with outsiders, So it all comes down to the tradition.
    Sometimes it's a hard call. If we don't share, will Our tradition be carried on? If we share too much, will it lose it's Spiritual value ?
    I hope this answers your question.

  5. Absolutely - I always research in a number of ways before giving my dogs anything :>)

    Giving a person incomplete information is fine, as long as the recipient is aware of it, and knows they need to do more work themselves. Otherwise, why bother answering the question in the first place? But that's just me - I value honesty and don't have the patience for playing games.

    Off to Sat date night with my hubby - pizza and a movie at home - one of my favorite rituals :>)

    Always a pleasure to read your posts ~