Monday, October 18, 2010


Around this time last year, we had a fire.
Thankfully No one was hurt

& the damage was minimal.
For that I give Thanks to Hecate.

The evening of the fire I was awakened
around 1AM by a loud crash.

I must have bolted right up.
Nothing. Silence.
I sat awake listening, but the house was quiet.
Eventually I settled back to sleep.
Again I found myself awakened by a loud crash.
The house is still.

I look around, finding nothing
I head back to bed.
My boyfriend is snoring away &

the cats have not stirred
So I head back to sleep.
A series of crashes & I jump up.
This time while I am sitting up, I hear the crash.
I shake my boyfriend who heard it himself.
Sshh - I think Someone's in the house.
More crashes...
The sound was like someone had taken a bat
to the downstairs bar.
My boyfriend reaches for his gun ( Yes, it's legal)
Now that was a sight...
He's sneaking down the stairs in his underwear
gun in hand like Dirty Harry.
Me, running like a crazy woman

looking for a bat, large stick
or something to hit the "culprit" on the head with.

Next thing I know, He's yelling
"The house is on fire!"
We run downstairs -
Flames coming out of the Sunroom.
We grab fire extinguishers.
I can NOT express the importance of fire extinguishers
whether one resides in an apt or home.
Fortunately we were able to get the fire
out before help arrived.

So now I'm standing in this pile of rubble.
An altar that sat in the Sunroom, gone.
The table is no more.
Everything is charred... Even picture frames are gone.
Too shocked to cry, I'm looking at the damage when I see it..
Off to the side, untouched
A card stock illustration of Hecate.
Reaching over to pick it up when I hear noise..
Caw, Caw, Caw...
Three large Ravens, and I do mean large
Have landed on the fence & are looking directly at us.
A sign from the Goddess.

If it were not for the dreams
I may have slept until it was too late
To save our home or maybe even our lives.
The Dark Goddess many fear
To me, She is The Most Beautiful One
Her torch guides my way
It is she I will always honor in this sacred space
May you find the light in the darkness


  1. That's amazing! Clearly you were under Her protection!

  2. How frightening that must have been, but what an amazing ending to your tale...and I am so thankful you were saved.

  3. Yes, It was frightening...Or maybe Shocking?
    For those who have mot experienced it - cleanup after a fire really sucks.
    But out of it came another amazing confirmation from My Lady...Today, we can giggle at the "Dirty Harry" visual...

  4. I know Hecate is one of the most powerful Goddess' around. Queen of the Crossroads and teacher to Persephone. Thank you for sharing your story.