Friday, October 1, 2010

Cleansing, Binding, Banishing, Oh My!

Recently I sat in on a class being given by a colleague.
The class, beginning herbalism; focused on Medicinal uses
with a brief mention of "magickal properties".
Of course being the Witch that I am,
I had to jump in on occasion.
Everything was going smoothly until Licorice Root.

Licorice Root
Expectorant, Antiviral, antibacterial
Love, Lust, fertility
Then I made the statement
"Licorice is a sacred herb of protection"
Heads turned.
You could have heard a pin drop.
My colleague said "We don't do that kind of stuff here"
What kind of stuff?
What is it about protective magick
that makes people uncomfortable?

Protective magick is necessary
Protective magick is NOT about harming others
It is a magick that ensures us the best possible circumstances
within our own life
Protective magick shields us from negativity
Protective magick is a barrier we call upon
When we feel vulnerable

There are days each one of us could benefit
from a good cleansing bath.
There are moments when each of us will need
To banish energy that no longer serves us
There are times when we may need to bind
that harmful energy or habit.

We can learn much from nature
The practice of Magick is neither "good" nor "Bad"
like the lessons of "Licorice Root"
It's gift to us comes from it's ability to "Expel"
To protect the Human Body & in doing so,
It soothes & restores balance
That is a magick we must learn to embrace


  1. Hmmmm, guess there's "magickal" and then there's "magickal," eh? Too bad about your colleague's unfortunate reaction.

  2. ha!!! i know what you are talking about my Dear Friend ! i started this Holistic course last week and we learned how to do massage and the teacher made a move to finish the massage presentation by directing hands from the "client" out, mentionning not to direct it towards ourselves, she explained very discretly that it is not to take all bad stuff to ourselves(meaning our spiritual selves)as it is in believes. I found it so wonderful she mentionned it, cos i was waiting for messages like that to absorbe:) Well, your "collegue" teacher should not deny all uses of herbs,medical or magical" as it is part of believes and traditions, even if he doesnt believe it is a part of history of humanity, even the book i have officially on my other course aknowledges shamanism and whichcraft purposes - as a traditions and beliefs. Your teacher had choice to comment it in a "safe"way not to offend anyone but he didnt.... I am asking myself also how far is from "official" purpose of herbs to "magick" as herbs has their own uses given by nature...
    Great post Helene, thank You for sharing , lots of love!

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    Thanks, Mr. Monkey

  4. Debra!!! Nice to see you!
    Well, I've been asked to teach a class or 2 there... Should be interesting, No?

    Nesca - You are a joy! I will be in touch soon but I've been backed up with readings - yours will come... Your classes sound wonderful!

    Mr. Monkey - Being the jersey Girl that I am, with a penchant for all things magickal - i'll have have to stop by your blog & see about those wild unicorns... Thanks for joining!

  5. You are so right to have spoken up. Hello, we need to learn to protect ourselves and our loved ones. That is all part of magick, too.

  6. I didn't know that about licorice root and am glad you mentioned it. I sure love it's taste. Can you elaborate a bit on how it's used for protection?

    I'd bet a large stick of sacred sage that it was calling licorice a "sacred herb" that caused the silence and the remark. A lot of folks get upset when nature is referred to as sacred. Plants, animals, rocks and such can be sacred to some of us but many religions teach this path is a sin. You know the history. Considering the fear and hatred of the snake that's ingrained in the genetic memories of so many without their even knowing about this creature's connection to the Goddess, the reaction to a plant being called sacred isn't suprising. It's sad though, isn't it? No wonder our earth is dying. However, I also bet at least one person there was interested in learning more :>)

  7. Thank you, Shell!
    Hello Karen!!! Ok, What was offputting was the mention of "Protective" magick! It led to a discussion of "protective" magick.. With much apprehension. Yes, one or two did ask "how", lol!!!
    I will post a little something on it's use for protection...
    Many Blessings,